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Card Love

New Mahindra Tractor
Here is another experimental post.  I love to make cards.  In particular, I love to use rubber stamps to make my own hand-crafted cards.

I also love photography.  These are my hobbies.


Multiple Florosis

Multiple Florosis
The Multiflora Rose is in full bloom right now. It smells great, but is referred to by those who don’t like this invasive plant around here as ‘multiple florosis’.

Vacation Pictures

Last week we headed up to Michigan to visit with my parents for a bit.  In between eating, napping, and conversations I was able to go out hiking at the various parks around Lansing.  It was a great chance to pull out my too-little-used camera again and dust off any photography skills I may have once had in hopes of a nice shot or two.

The pond at Fenner Park was mostly frozen over and the trees under the ice presented ghostly outlines from above.  Ghosts…that’s why I was shivering that day.  It was about 45 degrees that day – unseasonably warm for January in MI and no excuse to shiver over the temps!

I think that was still in Fenner Park – my parents hiking out in front keeping an eye out for deer photo opportunities.  My parents shoot deer with cameras, my neighbors here on the other hand use other equipment to shoot deer. 🙂

Dad and I woke up early one morning and headed to Hawk Island Park to try our hands at goose photography.  I took loads of pictures, and am just sharing a few here.

Several seagulls joined the geese on the frozen pond about a 1/3 of the way through our time at the park that morning.  Everyone seemed to get along just fine.  In contrast, at one p0int a different goose flew in to join the crowd hereand was greeted angrily.  He had to defend his right to be on the ice with all the other birds for some reason.

It was a beautiful morning and well worth getting out there, despite the fact that I didn’t sleep in and the temperatures were much lower than our Fenner Park hike!

There’s dad waiting for his chance to shoot a few geese in action.  We didn’t see much out of the bunch behind him, but fortunately a few groups (gaggles???) had taken off at the beginning of the morning.  This is the best I could catch with my camera:

Dad figured they were headed over to the buffet at the University Club as they were definitely not headed south!

Here’s another batch of geese which originally headed south and then circled back to hit that delicious buffet:

Must be a good buffet.

Thanks for taking a look and have a great evening!