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Funny or odd occurances that only seem to happen here in Crawford County.

30th Wedding Anniversary

Last night Jane Bowness Johannsen hosted a surprise wedding anniversary party for her parents.  We were sure this would be a surprise since it was a month earlier than their actual anniversary date.  I, as usual, waited until the last minute to make any type of party decorations.  I decided to make a banner that said “Happy 30th Anniversary” to hang somewhere.

I should mention that I decided to do that at about 2pm and the party started at 6pm.  I waited so long to do this because: A. I’m inherently lazy, B. I’m not much of a decorator, and C. I got caught up in looking around this week’s SCS inspiration site L’affiche Moderne.  I finally settled on this print to help me create the banner.

Here’s the ‘H’ and part of the ‘a’ in Happy:

I didn’t take very long to photograph this since it was created so late in the day and I still needed to tape each flag onto a piece of twine.  I laid all the letters out in order, flipped them upside down, taped each and every one onto that twine, turned it over to hang and…..fainted.  Crud.  I taped them on backwards!  Unless you’re dyslexic, in which case you could have read it perfectly fine.

So off came the tape, I reordered everything…backwards this time…and taped them on again.  This time was just right.  Jane and Trevor came by to start setting up and we hung the banner outside, just in the nick of time!  Here’s a look at the banner hanging in front of the crowd of party-goers:

And a bit closer view of the banner:

This was fairly fast and easy to make, but I do wish I had left myself a little more time to tape it together.  😀

So for those of you who know the Bownesses and couldn’t make it to the party, I’ll share a few of my shots to update you on the festivities.  As you see in the above shots, the guests all gathered on the front porch to wait for Rob & Willie.

Here is the happy couple with a long-time friend coming up to the winery to supposedly celebrate the release of our new wine, Grapes of Raft (Jane designed the label for this wine and is the Bowness’s daughter, for anyone that doesn’t know and is interested in this post thus far!).


Family members as well as friends came from all around to help celebrate their 30th.  Here’s hugs for moms and stepdads:

And then they greeted everyone up on the porch.  And told Jane that unfortunately she had left a picture of her invitation on the camera and so it wasn’t a surprise after all.

Oh well!  Everyone laughed and shrugged their shoulders and shook hands and drank wine and ate and had a good time anyways.  Trevor (Jane’s hubby) made note that this whole party would have been a lot easier if they had known that the Rob & Willie already knew.

And that cracked Clyde & I up.  ‘He knew and she knew, but they didn’t know and they thought they knew that they didn’t know, but….’  😀

In any case, everyone had a great time, including the happy couple.  Here’s Willie showing Rob my gift to them…an empty frame with a paper promising a photo from the party to insert into the frame:

After they finished opening gifts, the happy couple embraced as passionately as they could given that they were being prompted to by all the photographers:

Cheers to 30 years and many more to come!

Catching Up

Another busy week of hot weather, travel, and a spot of poision ivy on the back of my knee that would drive me crazy if I wasn’t already crazy in the first place.

First up in this post: the big news.  I have chopped off 3/4 of my hair.  My head is much cooler now and I even had enough grown to squeek out a donation for Locks of Love.  So here I am fresh from the hairdresser on Tuesday afternoon:

Sadly, my lack of hair styling skills and motivation  have prevented my hair from looking so sleek, so tamed, so ‘I just had a hairdresser do my hair,’ ever since.  But I have saved at least 10 cents in shampoo in the last two days, plus I have dropped a minute of showering time.

Such efficiency!  Who cares that my hair now curls outward making my head look like it has wings!

Here is a card to celebrate with:

And my final  piece of news is that I stopped by Borders today and took advantage of the going-out-of-business sale to get Clyde a book he’s wanted for the last couple of months.  Although I’m happy to get his book at 20% off, it felt a little melancholy walking around the store.

Everything in the store was a mess, the coffee shop was all dark and corded off.  The employees couldn’t look anything up and most of the customers were wandering around with about the same look on their faces – saddened disbelief tempered by the elation of cheap books.  At the checkout counter they didn’t ask for my rewards card.  Sigh.

I’m reminded of something someone once said to me – ‘There, but by the grace of my creditors, go I.’

Hmmm….how about a card to get over that sadness?

Hope everyone is enjoying a good book and some salt water this summer.  Cheers!

Creation From Destruction

Nope, no philosophy today.  Just a card that I came up with after trashing three, THREE other versions of it!  Sheesh, I thought I’d never get to something I was happy with, but here it is:

I was so disgusted by the third one that I actually ripped it up before I threw it in the trash.  I felt a dramatic sense of artistic catharsis while ripping up that last card.  I even considered throwing myself down on the couch with my face buried in the pillows proclaming “Life As I Know It Is Over!  OVER! It Can Never Be The Same!  I Will NEVER Be The Same Again!!!!”

But actually, the card ripping seemed to satisfy my frustration, so I didn’t do the couch thing.

And with dogged perseverance I went back to the craft table.  The phoenix rose once more from the flame and the heavens sang while the above card was made.



Maybe I didn’t quite get all my dramatic ridiculousness out with the card ripping. 😀

I’ve been asked to provide an example card for this weekend’s inspiration challenge over on Splitcoaststampers.  I’ve got my picture picked out and a card made – just need to photograph, edit and upload.  Come back on Saturday to see what I come up with and whether my couch can hold up to the challenge.

Caged Stellas

Our Stella Dora lilies started blooming this week, and I’m tickled about it since this spring they almost died.  We had so many frost advisories out this spring, I was covering our flower bed with a tarp most evenings.

Did I mention that my dogs love to lay on tarps?

So most of the Stella Dora leaves were crushed down early in the season, and I didn’t have too much hope for seeing any blooms this year.  We sighed in resignation (because Pepe looks really cute laying in a big blue tarp even if he’s crushing your favorite lilies), and installed our low wire garden fencing around the bed to help keep the dogs out of the rest of the plants.

Fortunately, some blooms survived the crushing incident and today they were pleading innocence for whatever crime had put them behind bars.

“It wasn’t us!  We are innocent I tell you, innocent!”

“I ain’t sayin’ a word.  Where’s my lawyer?  I’ve got rights, you know!  These charges are trumpeted up!”

I’m calling that photo above ‘portait of the imprisoned’.  What do you think?

Here’s a fellow cell-mate of our Stellas:

Dusty there was jailed for milling around the wrong place.  🙂

Here’s a watch-tower view at our botanical felons…

I feel bad caging them up like this – I’ll understand if you want to join the ‘Free Stella!’ movement that Pepe and Maggie are organizing.  I fear though that it is just a sham organization used to front their true cause: the unhindered ability to lay in any bed of dirt they choose.


This Bud’s For You

Nope, no beer commercial today…just the promise of spring!  The daffodil buds are starting to show up now.  So are the forsythia buds:

These two are buds, I promise.  Just ignore the teeth:

Pepe’s teeth are really white, aren’t they?!  I guess those doggie teeth whiteners really work.  And in mid-jump, my dogs ears look like fuzzy horns.  Awwwwww!

Take down!

Hunting for flowers and playing with your buddy is tiring, so it’s good to take a break and refresh yourself.

Pepe can enjoy slurping up the Meramec, we’ll just have to enjoy the scenery and dream of when the trees will be covered in green again.

(looking upriver)

(looking downriver)

And now, looking back in time….check out the days when Maggie could take Pepe down.