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Slightly philosophical ramblings from clueless Katie – read when you need to know that someone really IS more screwed up than you.

Catching Up

Another busy week of hot weather, travel, and a spot of poision ivy on the back of my knee that would drive me crazy if I wasn’t already crazy in the first place.

First up in this post: the big news.  I have chopped off 3/4 of my hair.  My head is much cooler now and I even had enough grown to squeek out a donation for Locks of Love.  So here I am fresh from the hairdresser on Tuesday afternoon:

Sadly, my lack of hair styling skills and motivation  have prevented my hair from looking so sleek, so tamed, so ‘I just had a hairdresser do my hair,’ ever since.  But I have saved at least 10 cents in shampoo in the last two days, plus I have dropped a minute of showering time.

Such efficiency!  Who cares that my hair now curls outward making my head look like it has wings!

Here is a card to celebrate with:

And my final  piece of news is that I stopped by Borders today and took advantage of the going-out-of-business sale to get Clyde a book he’s wanted for the last couple of months.  Although I’m happy to get his book at 20% off, it felt a little melancholy walking around the store.

Everything in the store was a mess, the coffee shop was all dark and corded off.  The employees couldn’t look anything up and most of the customers were wandering around with about the same look on their faces – saddened disbelief tempered by the elation of cheap books.  At the checkout counter they didn’t ask for my rewards card.  Sigh.

I’m reminded of something someone once said to me – ‘There, but by the grace of my creditors, go I.’

Hmmm….how about a card to get over that sadness?

Hope everyone is enjoying a good book and some salt water this summer.  Cheers!

Card-licous entry

Hope you all don’t mind checking out more cards that I’ve made because the last week or so has been chock full of stamp room time in between customers. I’m also working on creating new websites for the Missouri Grape Growers Association and the Missouri Vintner’s Association. AND working on a new project for the winery that HOPEFULLY I’ll be able to announce tomorrow. Life is busy, but generally good.

On to the cards….

And finally last week’s cards for this color challenge:

When I printed out the color challenge, my printer made a few changes from what other’s computers read out, so it was interesting to see the gallery last week. Know that saying, ‘different strokes for different folks’? Sub the word ‘shades’ for ‘strokes’ and I think you’d have the idea! Anyways, I finished two cards using these colors:

We are hot, hot, hot right now in Missouri and I have to admit that I’m avoiding going outside for too much. Maybe I’ll try a few shots of the stars one of these evenings after it cools off a bit. Until then, cheers!

Happy Father’s Day

There is the best dad in the world.  I know there are lots of other great dads out there, but when it comes the BEST dad?  Well, my dad has it hands down!

Thank you for all your love and support throughout the years Dad.  I am a lucky gal to have you in my life!

Here’s a peek at the father’s day cards I made this year:

That was made for the winery blog.

This one was for my father-in-law.

And finally, my dad’s card:

Hope you are having a wonderful, relaxing Dad’s day today!  Cheers.

So it goes

Well, I had full intentions of doing the #trust30 stuff for the whole month, but then life got in the way.  We hosted a highly-anticipated concert in the wine cellar this past Saturday and the lead-up to that evening was a bit more hectic than I had anticipated.  I’ve been reading the prompts each day and I have to say that they are all pretty much following the same general pattern though, and I think I’ve covered most of what the authors are getting at.  The basic pattern: what are your dreams, what’s holding you back, how are you going to overcome those obstacles.

It did serve to help me blog a bit more.  I really want to continue with this pattern.  I plan to do a lot more to share cards, plus I have a winery-related photography project that’s mulling around in my head.  Once it solidifies, I’ll be sharing the resulting photos here as well.  As long as life doesn’t get in the way, that is!

So thanks for hanging in with the relatively-deep thoughts in my brain this month.  I’ll get back with you soon.  Cheers!

#Trust30 – Scardy Cat

Today’s prompt:

The other terror that scares us from self-trust is our consistency; a reverence for our past act or word, because the eyes of others have no other data for computing our orbit than our past acts, and we are loath to disappoint them. – Ralph Waldo Emerson

Emerson says: “Always do what you are afraid to do.” What is ‘too scary’ to write about? Try doing it now.

(Author: Mary Jaksch)

My response:

It’s too scary to write about my political beliefs.  Either because I don’t want to cause controversy or because I might be wrong or because I might find that I don’t really have any.  In any case, I just don’t do it for the most part.  And that’s all I have to say about that.