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My 2008 resolution is to do a once-a-week (hopefully on Sundays) gratitude entry to reflect on the previous week.

Happy Father’s Day

There is the best dad in the world.  I know there are lots of other great dads out there, but when it comes the BEST dad?  Well, my dad has it hands down!

Thank you for all your love and support throughout the years Dad.  I am a lucky gal to have you in my life!

Here’s a peek at the father’s day cards I made this year:

That was made for the winery blog.

This one was for my father-in-law.

And finally, my dad’s card:

Hope you are having a wonderful, relaxing Dad’s day today!  Cheers.

Gratitude Week 43 & 44

Whew, what a blur the last two weeks have been.  I’m grateful for every moment, but they went by so darn fast!

Let’s see, I’m trying to reach back into my brain to the last week of October.  Oh, the big thing that happened was Halloween!  We were supposed to go to a party, but our neighbors came over and stayed later that evening.  It’s a blast hanging with good people, and I’m fortunate that we had lots of wonderful offers for good people and good fun.

And uh, I’m also grateful that my unemployment tax audit was cancelled that last week of October.  Although, that’s really a mixed bag, since it was rescheduled for this week!  I kinda wish it was done over already, but this week is definitely much easier as far as my salesroom schedule goes.  The lady that’s doing the audit is super nice on the phone, so I’m keeping my fingers crossed that all goes well.

Last week was the real doozie as far as activities goes.  Most everything went smoothly, but with activities every evening plus busy daytime schedules I was in a blur!

One inspiring thing from last week was the YMCA Trout Lodge strong community campaign dinner on Monday night.  That is a really long-winded way to say that we went to a scholarship fundraiser for the Y’s summer camp program!  Tim Ezell (a color-commentator on the St. Louis fox news station) was the speaker, but Clyde and I didn’t enjoy his speech near as much as the MC’s jokes and the little girl who went to ‘hand camp’ using some of the scholarship $$.  I loved hearing her speech for the dinner crowd.  Plus, they had a video of a kid this past summer who was  wheel-chair bound.  He really, really wanted to be thrown in the lake, just like the kids do to the camp counselors, so they showed a video of the big lake toss. Set to music.  Yep, tear-jerking for sure.

But, I didn’t cry since I just can’t give Clyde the satisfaction of teasing me about being sappy.  However,  I might have experienced a lump in my throat.  🙂  I’m not completely cold-hearted!  In any case, I really enjoyed the dinner, the presentations, the people we met, and the cocktail hour.  A fun and inspiring evening.

We served dinner to the SIU edwardsville wine-tasting class on Tuesday night, and then joined them for the wine dinner on Wednesday.  That was fun, although this is the least organized I’ve ever seen that tasting.  I’m proud of myself for recognizing wine varieties much more easily than ever before….although forget knowing regional differences still!

Saturday was our last big event for the year, and it was definitely the best ever.  Julie friends came down and were a big help.  She also turned us on to a new band, and the everyone that came loved it (or at least, claimed to love them!).  Bob & Terry topped themselves as far as dinner went; and with every seat taken in the house I’m calling our 2009 cellar party a complete success.  The 76-degree weather might have played a big part of that though!

Finally, and I realize that I am now encroaching on Week 45, but who knows if I’ll ever blog again, so I’ll just state it here.  Saturday night, a grade-school friend of mine called to say she was staying the night in Cuba, MO, and could I meet she & her dad & brother for breakfast the next morning?  And then could they come down to the winery?  (For my family – this was Corinna who called)

Oh my gosh it was so cool to see her again.  She had a cold, which I was not afraid of getting because I think I caught everything that’s been available to catch in September, but was looking forward to a kayaking/hiking vacation with her family in Arkansas.  I wish we’d had more time together….I have just got to get up to Michigan when she’s up there again so we have more time to catch up.  She looks the same.  THE SAME!  Two kids and I believe she weighs the same as she did in high school.  I don’t even think she has wrinkles.  Of course, she doesn’t have teenagers yet.  😉  I’m definitely grateful that I had a chance to see her, however briefly.  (AND DANG IT, I forgot a camera.  ARGGGHGHGHGH.  Not at all grateful for that!)

Well, hopefully I can get back to blogging more now that the bulk of our events are out of the way.  Hope everyone has enjoyed a wonderful start to November!  Cheers.

Gratitude Week 41

Last week was a gray rainy messy week perfect for napping.  I’m glad that the rain has only come during the week though…our event Saturdays have turned out perfectly weather-wise.

Clyde and I taught exploritas missouri wine classes at the Y all last week.  We had a fantastic group of folks that kept our time together interesting and lively.  Each class flew by, and Wednesday the class came out to the winery to tour.  I have to admit I always feel a little bit better after these class weeks – nothing like lots of compliments to make you feel good!

Last week we brought in our last (or so we thought at the time) load of grapes for the season.  Norton grapes from up north of us.  Clyde traveled up to Baltimore Bend to pick up grapes on Sunday last week and arrived back at home safely that night.  Pulling a trailer loaded with 2 tons of grapes is a haul, so I’m glad he got back in good spirits.  He and Julie had everything finished by the time I got back from the first Y class on Monday.  Hmmm….getting out of processing and cleanup?  Yep, grateful for that!  🙂

The cool weather last week got our trees to thinking that it is actually fall and time for some serious color change.  The valley between us and Potosi was really pretty to drive through last week.

On friday, Clyde’s cousin Ethan & family came for a visit.  I just got back in the nick of time to say hi and catch up briefly before they headed down south.  Neat folks – glad they’re family!

I hope everyone out there is having a great week so far.  Cheers!

Gratitude Week 40

These last few weeks I’ve been mired in harvest haze….a condition that winery people suffer from during the harvest & crush season.  It’s symptoms include sleeplessness, irratibility, and inattention to any details that might not be immediately pertinant to the actual making of wine.  Fortunately, this upcoming week looks like it might be the last of the haziest days, and my thanks for that little fact!  A light is dimly showing at the end of the tunnel.

One of the things I’m most thankful for last week are all the great customers we have….everyone is so patient and overlooks things like the rather unsightly stack of pallets outside the door.  Or the water hose draped across the front porch.  Or the fact that I haven’t answered emails very quickly.

Our friends have come to our rescue when we think we can do more than we can actually do ourselves (Thank you to Terry for coming all the way from St. Louis to work that tasting for us!).

Plus they feed us (or at least accompany us to the restaurant and prod us awake when the food needs to be set down where our foreheads have landed on the table).  Oh thank you!

This week, I’m just grateful for all the kind, patient, and caring folks who are in our lives.  And that light….I’m headed towards it.  😉

Cheers everyone!

Gratitude or something nothing like it, weeks 38 & 39

Grapes, wine, sickness, tastings, deliveries, guests, breathe and repeat (not necessarily in that order)!  I’m wearing down and decided to let blogging go to the backburner for a while.  I hope you all understand.

Our equipment is all working well and I’m finally feeling decent again.  Mom & Dad sent me a lovely pair of rain boots last week too.  Here’s a silly self-portrait of me just before using them for the first time:

They are comfortable to hike around in and keep my feet dry whilst I clean equipment.  (Using the word ‘whilst’ makes cleaning seem more romantic doesn’t it?)

Thank you Mom!

The fall colors are starting in strong this week and I believe we’ll have a beautiful season.  I hope to have time next week to take some photographs.

This past Saturday was World Cardmaking Day.  I missed it completely, even the next day, because it’s October and Oct. weekends are our busiest.  So, to make up for it, here is a view of a few cards I made before I got so stinkin’ busy:

Well, this isn’t much of a gratitude entry is it?  I’ll get some sleep tonight and see if I can be better tomorrow.  Cheers everyone!