October Color (warning: pic intensive!)

Today we crushed our last batch of grapes for the year.  I’m tired, but feeling pretty good that crush is finally coming to an end.  Harvest was definitely tough this year, mostly due to all the rain that kept dumping during the month of October.  We had some amazing color, and I wanted to show some of the pictures I took this month.

Here’s the beginning of the month:

And in the middle of the month:

My neighbor Crystal took me on a horseback ride the Monday after the first hard frost.  Here are a few of my favorites from that ride:

And then this past Sunday:

We’ve lost a lot of color at this point, but it has been one of the best color years that I’ve seen here in MO.

My last set of photos to share is from Augusta, MO where I went on a merry goose chase for grapes yesterday.  I got grapes, but not the variety I was supposed to get.  And I got photos, which was nice since yesterday appears to be the only day this week without any rain!

(Yes, there is my truck and trailer all set, waiting for what turned out to be 200 pounds of Cabernet.  I coulda tossed that in the pickup bed!  Fortunately another grower had a ton of Norton that kept the trip from being fruitless.  Bwaahhahahahaha.  Fruitless.  I kill myself sometimes, I tell ya.)

O.k, o.k. back to the pics:

Ah, very nice, very nice.

As pretty as Augusta was, it just can’t beat the next picture for all-around fall warm-and-fuzzies:


Cheers everyone!

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