O.K., I have cats too

And they told me they are feeling a little unloved lately.  Let me introduce you, just in case you haven’t met already.

Here’s my husband’s least favorite cat, Spark:

Spark’s motto is ‘balance in all things.  except my diet.’

And now, meet Polly (Clyde’s favorite cat):

Polly’s life philosophy is a bit more film noir-ish: ‘I do not have opposable thumbs, yet I oppose everything.’

Both cats hate each other for the others existence.  Polly finds my new pup Pepe to be an endearing reminder of youth, impetuousness, and mediocrity.  Spark thinks Pepe is a food-stealin’ pain in the @**.

As an experiment, I showed the following picture to my cats for their reaction:

When they saw this picture they said something about Rambo-eline there, obviously trying to make up for some kind of shortcoming.  They would never be attracted to such a juvenile delinquent.  Plus, look…… why he’s actually hunting on a manicured lawn!  So prosaic.  Why, real cats hunt chipmunks in the woods.

Then they said….’oh my, such large whiskers he has.  wistful sigh.’

My cats.  How do they live with us?


One thought on “O.K., I have cats too

  1. Maria Hammon

    Oh my goodness, Polly and Spark look so darn CUTE! I love these pictures! Thanks for sharing them with us! I love cats! I used to have one named Max for several years that looked just like your Polly! My last cat was an Asian Leopard cat (half wild, half domestic) called Diamond, but she escaped and never came back! I cried for months and have never been able to get another cat. Sabrina loves cats and since we don’t have one anymore, she loves to play with the ones at the shelter when she goes to help out.

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