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Cellar Temperature Monitor
Cellar Temperature Monitor
Sensor Value Min (H24) Max (H24) Min Max
Cellar Blue 38.9 36.7 38.9 22.8 42.6
Outside Green 42.3 31.3 42.3 4.8 64.7
Tank3 Purple 35.6 35.4 35.7 29.8 38.3
Measured: 26.02.07 13:06:00
Values F

W200607 (68K)

W200607 (68K)

firstMonths (19K)

A few notes about what was occuring at various points of this graph above. The first jump in
tank temperature on 3/28 was due to stirring fining agents into the Traminette. This tank, like
it's two adjacent sisters, is a rather tall (16ft), skinny (3.5 ft) 990 gallon tank, so there
can be quite a temperature differential from top to bottom.
The second, dramatic jump in temperature of this tank on 3/30 was caused by cleaning the
tank just after filtration.
The drop in temp on the 31 was from filling the tank with wine, then the wine was switched
with a slightly warmer wine on April 1st. The following relatively gradual temperature drop
is from the ambient temperature. Those three anti-peak days was the great grape freeze of '07
The final jump in temperature on May 8th was warmer wine being switched again.

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