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January 2008

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This system was rebuilt and put back online just recently, so the gap in data is fairly large, following a harddrive meltdown last May. For the winemaking process, monitoring the temperatures and controling the fan are only crucial during the cold stabilization steps, which take place during the Winter here at Peaceful Bend. Availability of my time to work on this has been limited to this season, though that's become ever increasingly an issue too! The pc this is now running on is a fairly new dell, with a 2.2mghz processor. Possibly overpowered, but was a great deal on ebay and will hopefully serve us for some time to come. Recent crashes are still fresh in my mind and backups are being done routinely (as it would appear that I'm too lazy to do this for manually) using a free service at MOZY. Select the Home page and then a link for the free version will show up in the bottom, left of the screen.

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